EYFS Providers

Why choose Sing-A-Lingo?

Sing-A-Lingo provides the children in your setting with TWO activities in one: music and a foreign language. Your children will thrive whilst learning a language through music and play. Delivered by a qualified teacher, your EYFS setting will be gaining an innovative, fun and educational class to share with your children and parents. 

What happens in a Sing-A-Lingo Class?

A typical class lasts around 30-45 minutes and incorporates singing in both languages with fun actions/movements, games to encourage bilingual chatter, familiar stories told in Spanish with props and actions to engage, and we usually finish with a 'cool down' relaxing song accompanied by bubbles and sensory lights/toys.  We can also offer themed workshops upon request. 

What is the cost?

As every EYFS provider is different, we can offer bespoke packages to suit your budget and class size. You can choose to pay for the classes as a provider or we can also offer Parent Pay via our online payment system. 

For more information or to request a brochure, please use the 'contact us' button below.